Monday, March 19, 2007


I was reminded yesterday of a lesson that came in two parts.

1. I met a woman on the boat who is from Florida. She is currently teaching English on the island for 3 months. We talked about the experience thus far and it came out that she is living in an apartment at the mayor's house. It was fun to hear the stories of the mayor as a human being and getting ready for his big birthday party that night.

2. Ian (who is crew that is exiting as I come on the boat) came hobbling around the corner with an obvious back in distress. I asked him what the heck happened and with a soft British lilt he explained how he was on Isabella the night before when someone came running in to explain that some whales had beached themselves nearby. As he and the entire village came running, 12 pilot whales lie twisting in the surf. In pitch blackness he worked with these strangers to try and get them back to sea with some success.

The moral of the story: I am in a land where strange and singular things happen. I need to make sure that I am open and ready to receive them.

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