Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bon Voyage

SO. This is my first attempt at this. I don't know how it is that I can be involved in computers all my life and be an Evite virgin. Given this, I should probably pack it in for a bit and think about why that is. I can't face the shame - I need to leave town.

Shocking I know, but I am organizing a party and giving more than 3 days notice. I need to get a rough idea of the numbers so that I can find a place for all of us.

If there are 3'ish of us, then we will likely go to a place like Wide Open and hoist a couple of pints.

If there are about 20 of us, then we might want to consider a place like Wide Open. We would be more than welcome and who's kidding who, its good times.

However if I am popular, or if people are very excited about not seeing me for a time and want to present me with tomatoes at high velocity, we will likely have to resort to a place called Wide Open. Mike (owner) has agreed to shut the place down if there are oodles of folks. It holds 70 (which would be tightly packed to say the least), drinks are cheap, people are friendly and screw it - its my party and I like the place.

For people who haven't been, it used to be an alley that they put a roof on and called it a bar. We can get some trays of food and pretend its sophisticated, but under no circumstances should you bring the tux.

After party and After After parties to be determined. Make no mistake - I intend on being the last man standing.... yeah - right ;)

My thoughts around parties have not changed. Although there are a bunch of names on this list, there are a bunch of other names who belong to people who should definitely come. You guys know who I know and make sure that you add them to the list, or as a guest - whatever. You guys also know who I am and if you know someone who you would like to bring who doesn't suck then my party is your party.

I can't ask you to sign in blood, but if you say that you will make, please try your hardest to do so. I'd hate to have a proprietor of a bar shut it down on a Saturday night so that I can sit there and say "They are coming! I got 35 for sure's on my Evite - have you heard about Evite?". I have enough awkward situations in my life already.

Looking forward to it. More concrete details after you do your jobs.