Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun things to look at on my way into the Medina from my apartment.

This is kind of the antithesis of hard traveling, although there are certainly better ways to live. I needed access to capable Internet for some work that I am doing and settled into a touristy town for a month. Things have been pretty good, but I am getting bored. Moving on soon'ish to something thats a little bit more wacky before my next work push requiring a tether to the Internets.

Its been a good place for me though and its quite clear that while I have transplanted some trappings of reality (like the need to make some money), Toronto it is not. Like yesterday when I walked past a woman in a severe, blackest of black burka reading a newspaper while laying out in a beach chair.

Parcour is quite popular here, but I haven't seen anyone who is adept at it. Kids like to try out various moves and I've seen some good wipeouts. One kid who can't quite get his front flip around repeatedly tries and lands flat on his back in these low bushes. I think he did it about 10 times that I saw.

(You will have to click on these photos to see them) I am resisting actually taking a proper photo of some of these guys as I don't want to contribute to the wheel chair fund when things inevitably went bad... a stupid tourist with his camera at the ready when some 10 year old lands on his head.

Parkour is about getting from a to b efficiently and navigating whatever happens to be in the way. Its quite an interesting slice of sub culture. Its also very French, which is why its so popular with the kiddies here I guess. It can actually be quite beautiful and very fluid, or like all things, it can be taken to extremes (take a look at David Belle here or here - the guy is an animal).

While we are talking about committing yourself to an action without a plan B in sight, take a look at Dan Osman. Unfortunately he liked to bungy jump with rock climbing ropes and died. Or these guys BASE jumping with wing suits.