Sunday, April 12, 2009

Things on my mind.

I would love to be one of the people who work in mints (not the chocolates). With the economic crisis unfolding I've seen more of these people than I ever would have thought. Every half hour and on every news channel, I see $millions being printed, folded and generally fondled by these people.. as stocks plummet and deficits fly. They are the "Crisis Celebrities". Them and poor middle Americans in front of foreclosure signs.

I watched a special on BBC that was talking about 8 tourists that went on a tour to Iraq. One older women said that she felt quite safe, but it was "very difficult to get any postcards at all".

My spam folder today had some very new and exciting offers. "Give your male member the strength to remember" seems to be a popular hook.

I think that a good horror movie would be firemen that went insane. An evil psychological thriller where you think that the firemen are the good guys, but really its a rogue platoon of evil doers who do unspeakable things to people and then spray their liquefied remains onto real fires. The town would be completely fooled (the mayor would give them the key to the city in one scene). Only one person would be on to them. Terrifying hyjynx ensue. (There may be a movie like this already.. I feel like I dreamt it, but maybe not?)

In Washington DC, 6.5% of African American males test positive for HIV or AIDS. Overall, 3% of the population has it, which is the same as Uganda. [source]

I played Civ4 (strategy game on the computer) for the first time. It told me that I have the leadership style of Dan Quail. I think that Syd Meyers (author of said game) can suck it.

I was watching TV with Ken and someone on the show said, "you can't look at this.. its classified". Ken made a good point. What the hell does that really mean? You can't look at this because it has gone through the process of being categorized?

I am down to 188 lbs. Somehow I didn't gain weight in Lebanon. Its an Easter miracle, cuz boy oh buoy is the food in Lebanon ever freaking tasty and buoy oh boy did I ever eat and drink a freaking lot of it.

This is all fluffy.. and I've got some things to say about Libya and Lebanon. They are rich experiences and I am finding it tough to frame them with words. Thought it would be better to squeeze out 10 sentences of shit that doesn't mean anything than continue to be blocked.

As you were.